New Life!

I have struggled this winter with letting go of a relationship. Grieving the loss of someone you love, or have loved, is hard work. The steps of grieving are not linear and they hurt sometimes. That said, I am eager for all the signs of spring I see around me: buds, crocuses blooming down the street in yellow and purple, longer days and more light!

CrocusesSo what now? How can I – how can YOU – celebrate new life. Celebrate spring? What inspires you…literally ‘breathes new life’ into you?

Here are some resources that look interesting and fun…take a few minutes as you contemplate NEW LIFE and check them out! Have fun!

Happiness Quotes

100 Things That Inspire Me!

Top Signs of Spring

and one more…

Top 10 Things About Spring

Ok: there you go. Click and be inspired!

Spring Horse



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